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Unqueue Shutdown: FAQ Guide for Businesses and Shoppers

Unqueue has decided to sunset for Unqueue for Business, Unqueue Shoppers and Unqueue Delivery and websites, affecting both business and shopper platforms, with the service shutting down on June 30, 2024

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What’s New!?

Learn about our upgraded delivery system, Self-Run Delivery and CSF Delivery.

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How To.. for Businesses?

Learn everything about how to create product variation, set up your store, fulfil and order, and how to get more orders.

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How To…Drivers

Understand how the delivery process operates.

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FAQs: Unqueue for Shoppers

Check out our answers to some FAQs our shoppers may have.

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FAQs: Unqueue for Business

Answers to common questions asked by users about our Business processes.

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FAQs: Unqueue Delivery

Learn about our delivery system, delivery range, associated costs, and driver selection process.

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Access information on our instructors, upcoming, and past courses.

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