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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already using WhatsApp for pick-up orders. Isn’t Unqueue kind of the same thing?

Unqueue does so much more than a list sent over WhatsApp could ever do! Unqueue gives you greater control of order fulfillment, the ability to check off items as you pack them, automatic notifications to your customers if you’re out of something on their list, and we tally their order to give you a total, tell you how they’re paying, and even when they’re at the shop and how much change you need to give them. Best of all, your customers can pre-order and pre-pay with a credit card in the app itself, so there's no transaction that needs to be made when they get to you – only a handover of their order.

I’ve already got my business listed on a food delivery platform – why would I sign up for another one?

Simple… Unqueue isn’t a delivery platform. Think order management, rather than delivery, and you’ll get a better idea of what we’re about. We don’t have our own fleet of drivers, and in this way we’re not competing with the apps whose focus is delivery. Our mission is to get people out of lines – across a wide range of industries – by helping businesses to efficiently manage curbside and in-store pick up orders.

Is Unqueue a marketplace, or is it a tool for companies to manage their orders?

Both: Although Unqueue was built with the mission of getting people out of line by managing pickup and delivery orders, all of the stores that are on the app are searchable by and accessible to customers, so it functions as a marketplace as well, but only for local purchases.

How does Unqueue work with my existing inventory and accounting systems? I use Peachtree to manage my inventory.

You can download your inventory from Peachtree and upload it automatically to the app using the Unqueue Uploader. When you’re fulfilling Unqueue orders, simply scan the item out as you usually would to update your inventory software.

What if we have an item listed as in stock and the customer orders it but when we go to pack it it turns out that we’re out of stock?

If you cannot fulfil an order in its entirety, you may cancel it, and drop your customer a note in the app to let them know why. If you're short an item on their order, you can notify them of that as well. Keep in mind, though, that we make it easy to turn availability off and on for products in your store.