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FAQs: Unqueue for Business

FAQ’s: Unqueue for Business

Where do I find my store link?

How to find store link

How do I put an item on sale?

How to put an item on sale

How do I create a discount code for my store?

How to create a discount code

What information do I need to complete the signup process/create an account?

Information needed to create an account

How do I turn on Curbside Pickup for my store?

How to turn on Curbside Pickup

How long does it take to set up my store?

Store set up information

Is there a cancellation fee?

Cancellation fees information

What are your terms for app usage?

Terms for app usage

Can I get Unqueue's logo to use on my graphics?

How to access Unqueue logos

How do I deactivate my store?

How to deactivate store

Who updates my store? Do I have to update my store every time I don’t have something?

Store update information

Why can’t I turn on my store?

For users who experience difficulty turning on store

I have a lot of products – do I have to add them all manually?

How to upload products

How do I add a new category or products to my store?

How to add new products or category to your store

How long until I get sales? / Why am I not getting sales? Am I doing something wrong?

Things to bear in mind about our platform

How do I know when a customer orders? Will the app let me know?

More about Unqueue notifications

What do I do when I get an order?

How to know you’ve received an order

What do I do if I can’t fulfil an order?

Advice on what to when an order can’t be fulfilled

Some of my items take a while to prepare. How will my shoppers know this?

A guide on what to do for orders with longer preparation times

Is Unqueue a marketplace, or is it a tool for companies to manage their orders??

A description of what Unqueue is.

How do I sign up for Unqueue's delivery service?

A simple guide on how to sign up for Unqueue’s delivery service.

I just signed up for Unqueue but my store link isn’t working

Advice on what to do when your store link isn’t working.

How long does Unqueue Payouts verification take?

More information on Unqueue payouts and how it works.

Is there a way to let shoppers know that orders need to be placed in advance?

How to enable advance notice for customer’s orders.

How do I add or change categories in my store?

A walkthrough on how to change categories in a store.

How do I change the address for my store?

A walkthrough on how to change your store address.

Why can’t my customers place a same day order?

An explanation of our operations and why customers can’t place a same day order.

How does Unqueue work?

A brief description of how Unqueue works.

What are the Fees for Unqueue for Businesses?

The article explains Unqueue for Businesses' fees.