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What do I do when I get an order?

How to know you’ve received an order

When you receive an order, the app will prompt you to open the order, view it, and accept it.

The order summary you receive will let you know who your shopper is, what items they've ordered, the total value of their order, and when they’d like it for. Sometimes a shopper will leave special notes, which you can review then as well. If you need clarification on anything, you can message the shopper using Unqueue’s in-app chat.

Once you’ve accepted the order, this will trigger a notification to your shopper that their order has been received and can be fulfilled. When the shopper’s order is ready, mark it as ready. This triggers a notification that they can collect (curbside pickup or in-store pickup), or that the order is ready for pickup by our drivers (delivery order).

Once the order has been handed over, mark it as complete. You can view your order history or pending orders anytime by tapping the Orders button on the bottom menu of the Unqueue for Business app.

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