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How To Get More Orders

Setting up your store on Unqueue is straightforward, but what follows can be a bit more complex. This guide is designed to answer one of the most frequently asked questions from our business users: How can I boost my order numbers on the app? 📈🛒

Unqueue provides a platform for you to create an online store on app or browser to facilitate sales to your existing customers; it gives shoppers the flexibility of multiple payment options, as well as the convenience of delivery. Setting up your store on Unqueue is easy, but what comes next is a little trickier. We created this guide to help answer one of the most frequent questions we hear from our businesses: How do I get more orders on the app?

Step 1. Getting ready for your close-up

Image matters

Over 75% of shoppers state that photographs are very influential in their decision to purchase a product online. Having great photographs to represent your products is one of the best things you can do to help drive sales. Images are so essential to the selling power of stores on the app that we created a product photography service for businesses who may need a little help.

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Get your store link ready!

Your store link can be found in settings under Customise in the Unqueue for Business app. Be sure to copy and paste it into all your bios so shoppers can easily find and browse your store.


Follow us on social media

Once you’ve joined Unqueue, come find us so we can find you! We're on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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Understand orders

Be sure to familiarise yourself with how the order process on Unqueue works – in particular, how to accept an order, how to chat with your shoppers, and how to prepare an order. Before all of this, make sure that notifications are turned on for Unqueue! If you have any questions, you can tap the in-app help button and we’ll get back to you.

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Step 2: Have it Delivered

We deliver your goods to shoppers anywhere in Trinidad. That’s a huge selling point, especially in these times. Delivery orders account for roughly 80% of orders placed through the app. Unqueue Delivery increases your earning potential.

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Introducing your customers to your Unqueue store

While it’s possible that shoppers on our network who previously didn’t know your store may place an order with you, your existing customer base is likely to make up the bulk of your initial orders.

Announce the exciting news 📢

Think about how you’ve been communicating with your customers, and create messages to be sent through those channels to let them know that you’re on Unqueue, and that you now have an eCommerce store and can accept online payments. Exciting!

Let them know that Unqueue doesn’t charge them a service fee – the price they see on the app is what they’ll pay. Also let them know that Unqueue is a place where they can get more information about your products, use various payment and fulfillment methods, get delivery to anywhere in Trinidad, and enjoy greater flexibility and convenience.

Announcement suggestions:

  • 📡 Send a WhatsApp broadcast with your new store link to your shoppers
  • 💬 Set an auto response message on your WhatsApp business account giving your store link and asking people to order through that channel
  • 📫 Send a mailer introducing Unqueue and sharing your store link
  • 🏆 Post the graphic we’ll send you!

Step 3. Make it easy/ Give an incentive

Shoppers are used to your old platform and may want to continue using it. Let them know how easy Unqueue is to use, and that they have the option of accessing your store either by downloading the Unqueue shopping app for Apple or Android, or by visiting on their browser.

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Here are a few things that you can do on your social media accounts to help drive more orders:

✔️ Set a discount code to offer an introductory special to your shoppers, have a sale on an item or two, or create a special product or package available only through Unqueue to get shoppers invested in and used to shopping on your online store.

Pro tip: Place specials in a category that appear first on the app. To do this, drag the category to the top of the list, so shoppers see it first when they get to your store.

✔️ Add Unqueue to your bio e.g. curbside pickup and online payments available @unqueue_app or find us on @unqueue_app

✔️ Add your store link to your bio

✔️ Use the Share product link button in your product windows to promote a specific item

✔️ Create a screen recording of how to place an order on your Unqueue store, and add as a story highlight

✔️ When you’re highlighting a specific product, let your audience know it’s available on Unqueue. e.g. delivery available @unqueue_app

✔️ Tag Unqueue in any posts you make, so we can share your content

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✔️ Use Unqueue branding on your artwork. Head to our Partner Assets folder for Unqueue logos, badges and more that you can use to create content for socials

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✔️ Thinking bigger? Hit the in-app Help button to reach out to us to see how we can work together to help you push your store. We are open to partnered giveaways and a cross-promotion of a product or price special available only on Unqueue.

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Step 4. Be consistent/stick with it.

Mention Unqueue often 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

If you announce you’re on Unqueue once and then never mention the platform again, chances are no one will remember that you have an online store. Our best selling businesses are the ones who keep reminding their customers that they’re on the app.

Remove other payment methods 🙅

Our best selling businesses have also removed the option for shoppers to order through other channels like WhatsApp, or Google Forms. A good strategy for any resistant shoppers is to tell them that Unqueue is helping you streamline your business operations, so you can grow. Who wouldn’t want to support that?

Keep consistent 📲

Maintain a posting schedule with stories and other Unqueue highlights. You can also consider having a monthly special to help with engagement – these specials do quite well, particularly around month end.

Check the calendar 📅

Look for opportunities to create themed bundles or items around the holidays.

Update your store 🆕

Remember to update your store regularly. If a shopper visits your store and sees items from a holiday three months ago, they may think your store is outdated and items not available.

Here are a few things that you can say to your shoppers to increase sales:

  • 😎 Unqueue doesn’t charge shoppers a service fee
  • 🕒 My store is open and accepting orders 24/7 – you can order anytime on the Unqueue Shoppers app or through my store on the website
  • 🚚 Delivery is available to anywhere in Trinidad
  • 💳 Yes, you can pay online with a credit card or VISA Debit card
  • 💸 You don’t have a credit card? No problem! Unqueue takes cash on delivery
  • 🕺 You can order an item up to a week in advance
  • 💬 If you have a question, you can chat with me in the app – just look for the icon!

Be In The Know

Make sure you can answer your shoppers’ questions about using the app!

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