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Everything you need to understand: Self run vs CSF delivery

Unqueue is embarking on a journey of transformation, one that will redefine the way businesses handle deliveries.

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Unqueue is embarking on a journey of transformation, one that will redefine the way businesses handle deliveries. Unqueue is transitioning from the Unqueue Delivery Network to introduce two distinct paradigms tailored to meet the unique needs of both businesses with perishable items and businesses with non-perishable items. These changes are designed to enhance service efficiency and customer satisfaction, making Unqueue the ultimate delivery partner for businesses of all types.

Introducing the Paradigms: Perishable and Non-Perishable

At the heart of this transition are two distinct paradigms: Self-Run Delivery and CSF Delivery. Let's delve deeper into each of these to understand their specific characteristics and how they cater to the needs of different businesses.

Perishable and Non-Perishable? Perishable - (especially of food) likely to decay or go bad quickly. Non-perishable - able to be stored for a long time before being eaten or used.

Self-Run Delivery for Perishable Item Businesses

Unqueue's Self-Run Delivery model is a game-changer for perishable item businesses, empowering them to take full control of their delivery operations. This paradigm shift enables businesses to manage their own deliveries using the Unqueue Driver App. Here's what you need to know:

Key Aspects of the Transition:

  1. Independence in Delivery Management: Food businesses gain unprecedented control over their delivery operations, including responsibilities like hiring and managing their own drivers, scheduling deliveries, and overseeing your delivery fulfilment process.
  1. Paying Your Drivers: Businesses set their own per-order delivery fees, choosing either a fixed rate or a negotiated payment amount with their designated drivers. Payment methods are flexible, not app-based, with external payment options available, like direct bank transfers or cash from the business to their drivers.
  1. Utilizing Unqueue’s New Features: Unqueue offers a suite of updated tools to support self-run delivery models. These tools include features for efficient driver management and real-time order alerts, giving businesses the edge they need to thrive. Access them in the Unqueue for Business and Unqueue Drivers app today.
  1. Integration of Independent Drivers: For businesses without an in-house delivery team, Unqueue's system supports the establishment of a network of independent drivers. This can be seamlessly managed through the Unqueue Drivers app, facilitating connections with reliable drivers.
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Self-Run Delivery in Detail:

  • Process Changes: Perishable item businesses must configure their delivery parameters, including delivery cost, maximum delivery distance, minimum order value, and delivery windows. This hands-on approach ensures precise control over delivery operations.
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  • Direct Management: Businesses are responsible for adding and managing their own delivery drivers. They will need to navigate the Unqueue for Business app to invite new drivers and assign them to orders.
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  • Driver Communication and Order Assignment: Clear communication with drivers regarding pick-up times and delivery schedules is crucial. Business owners must actively engage with drivers to ensure efficient order fulfillment.
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  • Customer Notifications: Keep your customers informed with real-time tracking updates and notifications at every stage of the delivery process, from order acceptance by a driver to its final delivery.
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CSF Delivery for Non-Perishable Item Businesses

CSF Delivery is tailored to businesses with non-perishable items, providing a streamlined and efficient delivery solution through our partnership with CSF Couriers. Here's what non-food businesses can expect:

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Key Aspects of the Transition:

  1. Automatic Transition and Integration: Non-perishable item businesses will automatically transition to CSF Couriers without needing to take any action. All orders placed for delivery on Unqueue will be seamlessly routed to CSF Couriers for fulfillment.
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  1. Communication and Coordination: Communication regarding order status and updates will be handled by CSF Couriers. Warehouse managers will directly contact businesses to arrange pick-up times, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.
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  1. Notification Changes: Updates on delivery stages will be communicated by CSF Couriers through email and phone calls. This approach differs from the direct alerts provided in the Unqueue system.
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Understanding the Delivery Models in Detail

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